Imagine How Great This Feels!!!

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Congratulations to Rich!  He has lost almost 100 pounds in Train Like A Trooper Boot Camp. Here is the proof:


Rich walked into our Boot Camp in January 2013.  He weighed 350 pounds; give or take a few.  He was about 60 years old and had not worked out in decades.  He was taking medications for a myriad of things:  diabetes, high blood pressure, just to name a few. Even his color was off; his complexion looked gray to me.  We talked for quite a while that day.  He told me his goal was to lose 100 pounds in two years.  He was also dealing with a few fused cervical vertebrae from an earlier surgery.  He had limited mobility.  He was in pain; his neck hurt, his knees hurt, his hips hurt.  I was a little worried ( okay, a LOT worried)…But, I saw a spark in his eyes and I thought, “He can really do this.”  So, he got the okay from his physician and we started working on his goal. 

Rich attended (and still does) Boot Camp faithfully.  He rarely missed class when he started.  Initially, we had to modify all the exercises. It was very difficult for him to even get down on the mat to do push ups or core work.  He kept at it; slowly working his way down and slowly getting back up.  After the first four week session, Rich reported to me that he had lost almost 20 pounds.

He followed the Hauk Fitness nutritional plan. He stopped drinking soda and had really cut back on his daily fast food trips.  I watched him get stronger.  Then, one day at boot camp I noticed he jogged a little bit.  Maybe about 50 yards or so.  I ran up to him and asked, “I saw that!  How do you feel?”  He looked at me and said, “GREAT!”  I said, “Good, but let’s still take it slow.”   I saw a smile creep across his face as if he knew something I didn’t.  Well, he did.  I soon learned what it was:  He is a very determined man and he did not let anything take him off the path to his goal.

He and his wife, Cathy, continued to live life.  Just because he was working on a large weight loss, life still happens.  So, there are birthday parties, holidays, picnics, and bar-b-ques.  He still lost pounds.  He went on vacations and would actually lose weight.  He’d come back and say, “Lost another 4 pounds.”  And, there was that little smile again. 

The months fell away, the seasons changed, and Rich was steadily losing weight.  It seemed as if with every pound he lost, he gained that much strength and endurance.  He was a regular at one of the early morning boot camps (We have 3) and one Monday at one of our the 6 PM boot camps, I saw him again.  I walked up to him and said, “Are you doing a double today?”  He said, “Yes, I’m going to try it and see how I feel.”   This happened about six months into his weight loss journey.  At the end of class I caught him as he was leaving and said, “Well……?”   He said, “I’m not gonna lie, it was tough, but I liked it.”   From then on, when his schedule allowed, he would be at a morning Boot camp class and a 6PM class as well.  Yep, there was that smile.

About three weeks ago, we were at Sunset Meadows Park for boot camp (we are outside in the summer months).  I was running a warm-up lap with Rich and we were talking.  It was a Friday, which means we were getting prepared to run up and down the toboggan hill.  He said to me, “I’m going to try and run 2 laps without stopping today.”  Just so you understand how far that is; one lap is 9/10’s of a mile.  He was going to run (almost) 2 miles.  I said, “GO for it!”  I watched him move ahead of me and he said over his shoulder, “I haven’t run two miles without stopping since I was a teenager….if then!”  We both laughed.  

Remember that determination?  Yes, he finished two laps without stopping.  This time the smile went from ear to ear!  Oh, and he also completed 8 toboggan hills.

Rich is now within 4 pounds of his goal and 4 months ahead of schedule.  I asked him what advice he has for someone who is ready to lose the weight and make the change.  He said, “Look, it’s not easy at the beginning. But, it gets easier. You have to keep coming to boot camp.  You have to eat healthy and watch your portions.  You just have to do it.  Make yourself do it.  Make it a priority.”  Then he added, “If I can do it, anyone can.  I am in the best shape of my life right now. Tell them that they can do it, too.”  

He built up his overall body/core strength to a level that has now reduced the stress and strain on his knees and back.  He is painfree. He completes our training workouts without any modifications.  He has lost over 15 inches around his waist. He has increased the mobility of his neck.   Rich is off all medication and his physician is amazed at the changes he has made to his body and health.  He has more energy than he knows what to do with!  His eyes are bright and he looks ten years younger.  He has his mojo back!

Imagine how euphoric Rich feels!  It didn’t happen overnight.  But, it HAPPENED!  

You don’t need to suffer in silence anymore.  You don’t have to be frustrated and angry with yourself any longer.  Get ready to feel like Rich does!  We are here to help you get there!  Your life is right here; right now.  We know how to get you there.  We use a holistic approach:  We take care of the fitness part and proper nutritional plan/support.  You don’t have to think about what to do or what to eat.  We provide that for you.  It’s going to feel like you won the lottery!  Promise!

Let us get you the results and the body you deserve.  

Your Trainer,



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When Is It Okay NOT To Workout?

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Here I am a personal trainer and we are talking about when NOT to workout.  Really?  Yep.

I talk a lot to my members about listening to their bodies and being in tune with it.  We have been trained to overlook our aches and pains and injuries.  After all, we have a lot to do each day and we can’t let anything slow us down.  I can tell you that as a former college athlete, we were trained to deal with sore ankles and knees; sore backs; deep bruises from physical contact during games or practice.  We would get iced down after games. We had the best trainers around.  We were taped up before games.  You had to get out on the court and play.  That was the bottom line.  And, I wanted to, don’t get me wrong.  Wild horses couldn’t have stopped me from playing.  At one point I even played with a soft cast on my leg after a severe ankle sprain. Anyway, this is not  a phenomena just experienced by athletes.  We all do it at one time or the other.  We tend to ignore those warning signs and push ourselves too hard sometimes.

So, here are some times you should NOT workout:

  • Illness:  You can probably work through a cold or allergies.  But, if you have a temperature or worse, let your body heal and get better.  If you push through a workout when you have the flu or a temperature you can get other people sick or make yourself even sicker.  
  • Injury:  If you are recovering from an acute injury like an ACL or miniscus surgery or something similar, please do your rehab as ordered by your Doctor before you jump back into your training routine.  
  • Sleep Deprivation:  It’s one thing if you had one poor night of sleep and you are feeling a bit “draggy”.  Your workout will actually help perk you up.  But, if you are running on several days of less than 6 – 7 hours of sleep and you try to workout like a fiend, you’ll find yourself flat on your back.  Listen to your body.

So, yes, there are times when you must listen to your body and take a workout break for a day or two (Not a week or two).  Your body will thank you and your results will be right back on track!

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Tami Haukedahl


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Are You a Flexitarian?

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Author and Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner says that eating primarily a vegetarian diet is a smart way to cut calories. As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that vegetarians tend to weigh less than meat-eaters. But, not everyone is willing to become 100% vegetarian. So, for these people, a new term has been coined, “Flexitarian”. This refers to people who eat a lot less meat than they used to, but don’t give it up completely.

Most people I know strive to eat less red meat (beef) and have gravitated towards more fish and chicken. The reasons are varied; 1) there tends to be less fat in fish and chicken 2) A big chunk of beef can be very hard to digest and stressful for the body to break it down and 3) Too many calories
So, it seems like a natural progression to a flexitarian diet.

How do you eat like a flexitarian? Calories count; whether you are a vegetarian or not. Even if you are eating less meat or even no meat, you have to keep track of portion control and calories.
There are lots of ways to do this; You can do “Meatless Mondays”; that’s where you eat plant-based meals and snacks that day. You can increase it to meatless for 3 or 4 days of the week. Some flexitarians eat a vegetarian diet for 6 days and then eat some fish or chicken, etc. one day a week. Listen to your body and it will tell you what you need.
So, if you have been reading my stuff or you go to boot camp/Special Ops, you know that I tout protein. Our bodies need protein to keep that muscle-building process alive as we train. If you are eating less meat, that may mean less protein. Here are some ways to add back in protein: 1) protein shakes 2) protein bars (Not sugary ones!) 3) lentils 4) Beans

The magic of the flexitarian nutritional plan is the variety. You are not locked into anything and your world abounds with options. Plus, you will soon notice that your waistline is thinner and your wallet is fatter without having to shell out big bucks for meat each week.
Give it a try! It might just be right for you!

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How Are You Doing On Your New Years Resolutions?

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Hi Everyone!
I hope you are doing great! We are a little over one month into the new year…how are you progressing on your New Years Resolutions? Or New Years Revolution, as I like to call it. Here’s what typically happens: We are flush with excitement when the New Year rolls around. We make some goals and for a few days we stay on track. Then, a week or two go by and the changes seem more difficult to maintain. Slowly, you revert back to your old habits. Then you get discouraged and depressed. You get more discouraged and by the end of January, you give up altogether. I see this every year in my fitness business, too. We are full in boot camp in January and by February a good percentage of the new members fall off. I get it.
We are human, after all, and let’s face it; new habits are hard to hang on to. Especially if you are trying to replace old habits ingrained after years, if not decades of use. But, then again, people do change. I’ve had a couple members lose over 100 pounds during the course of a year. Talk about a huge lifestyle change!!! So, how can we maintain changes that we started with such good intentions?


First, you have to take action. Yes, there is great value in thinking about what you want to change and how you might do it. But, the bottom line is you have to do something in pursuit of those goals. Whether it’s a slower start like taking a 15-20 minute walk three times a week or jumping into boot camp. Get up and go!
Second, if your goal is to get healthy and get fit; studies show that working out with a group is the best way to go. You will feel more accountable and you will enjoy the experience more.
Third, when you feel your motivation start to wane a little, recognize this and reach out; whether it’s to your trainer, your spouse, friends, etc. Communicate this and you will be amazed at how much support you will get. The motivation will come right back.
And finally, defer your gratification. Be realistic about how long it will take. I will tell you this; it doesn’t take nearly as long as you imagine. But, then again, it’s not going to happen in two or three weeks. Be consistent and persistent. Changes are happening each and every day.
Some changes are subtle and some are very obvious. Let those changes sink in and keep your momentum going.

Set your alarm, grab your workout clothes and join us! I know it doesn’t seem like it yet, but spring is truly right around the corner! Get up and go!


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Three Words for the New Year…

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I love the New Year.  It’s such a wonderful time of celebration and hope.  I have fallen prey to making complicated New Year resolutions just like everyone else.  You know the ones, “I want to lose weight”, “I want to save more money”,  “This year I will be a better person”,  “I promise that this year I will remember to change the oil on my car every 3,000 miles” (just kidding!), “I will call my Mom more often”…I mean, no one can keep all those resolutions and still have time for anything else!!!

 I have been told that I can analyze and over think things.  That’s probably a character trait that helped me be a successful State Trooper, but sometimes all that analyzing can take me into the weeds and I lose sight of the big picture.  So, this year as the New Year approached, I decided that I wanted to simplify my goals for the year and three words came immediately to mind.

Fitness.  Food.  Focus.

Yeah…..those three words captured it for me.

Fitness:  Our bodies crave exercise and reward us quite properly when we do!  We get the rush of endorphins after a great workout.  Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones that are released into our bloodstream after intense exercise.  Fitness is such an important component of our health.  We want to stay strong, flexible and have a healthy cardiovascular system because it brings such quality to our lives.  We feel energized.  We lose weight.  We can lean muscle.  We are able to participate in activities with friends and family without a second thought.  

Have you ever been asked to go jogging/walking with a friend and panicked because you didn’t feel fit enough?  What about when your kids want you to come outside and play with them.  They want to play tag and you are running around for a minute or two and feel so gassed you can hardly stand up straight…You tell yourself, “Wow, I really need to get in shape.”  And, you do.  Not for your kids.  Not for your spouse.  Not for your friends.  For YOU.   Life can open up for you in ways you can’t imagine:  You can now try snowshoeing.  You aren’t afraid to run a 5K.  You actually WANT to work out on vacation.  It’s amazing the changes you will experience.

Food:   We have our own relationship with what we eat and why we eat.  So, that is for your contemplation only.  I won’t go into all the emotional and social reasons we eat.  So, let’s do this:  Let’s keep it simple.  We promise ourselves to eat as clean as we can.  We will only eat when we are truly hungry.  We will be mindful of our portions.  We accept and acknowledge that everything we eat has an affect on us; some foods will fuel us; energize us; nourish us.  Some foods will poison us; make us ill over the long haul; and rob us of our energy.  We will make choices in food that are healthy for us.  We will respect our bodies and not treat ourselves like a garbage disposal. 

We will hydrate ourselves daily with water.  We will slow down and enjoy our meals.  We will plan ahead and have nourishing and delicious meals ready when we are on the run and have a busy day.  Enough said.  That’s the easy part.  Changing our food patterns isn’t as hard as we might think.  Make one good decision about what the next thing you are going to eat will be.  Change comes one decision at a time.  Right?  Right.

Focus:  Pick three goals you’d like to work on for the next three months.  Write them down and read them every morning and every evening.  Let them sink in and believe you will achieve them.  Be realistic and make your goals measurable.  They can be anything.  These will be the three things we focus on for the next three months.  This is fun, isn’t it?  

Sometimes three little words can make a big difference in our lives.  Once we get the momentum moving; we keep it moving. 

I’m with you!  Let’s do this! 

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Day 18 of Our 21 Day Fat Meltdown!

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On November 4th, 22 of my members and I started our 21 Day Fat Meltdown Program.  We are already in our 18th day.  The results have been nothing short of incredible!   The average expected weight loss was 7 – 10 pounds with 10 pounds being on the very optimistic end of things.  Well, we are only on day 18 and here are some of the reported losses:  Rich:  13 pounds, Marilee: 12 pounds, Sharon:  8 pounds, PJ: 12 pounds  Angelo:  11 pounds, Jessica:  8 pounds, Sami:  8 Pounds, Cara:  13 pounds, Sue:  7 pounds…

No, this program is not strictly about what the scale says, but rather it’s about losing bodyfat and gaining lean muscle. I like to say, “No fat can live where there’s muscle!”  Plus, lean muscle mass helps burn calories because muscles do the work.  Fat just goes along for the ride like some freeloading hitchhiker!  Great visual, isn’t it?  LOL!



Yes…they have focused on the changes and results have happened.  Sometimes going through the first few days when we were detoxing off of soda, sugar, refined white stuff, goo, fast food, chips, muck, etc. was very hard.  For me, there were a few evenings at the beginning when I paced and paced and had to self-talk my way through it.  My bugaboo is sugar.  I love chocolate, Skittles, sugar in my coffee, sugar in all forms!  So, I had cravings.  I drank my warm lemon water.  I paced.  I took a shower.  I went to bed early.  After three days I felt a lot better.  Now, 18 days in, I feel more mental clarity, better endurance, no blood sugar dips and spikes, and I am sleeping so much better.  The 21 days are not meant to be lived in a vacuum and then we go back to our old habits. Nope.  We must keep this momentum up. We are building good nutritional and exercise habits.  Eating clean and exercising.  

Stay tuned for our final couple of days….

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Update On Our 21 Day Fat Meltdown Journey!

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Today marks the halfway point of this most wonderful journey! 10 days ago 22 of my peeps and I embarked on a journey together. I have done nutritional cleanses a couple times in the past with pretty good results. But, I was convinced I could get even better results. So, a couple months ago I started to tinker with the program and I came up with a winner! My plan was to start the 21 Day Fat Meltdown before the holiday season so we would already be lean and have learned to practice the tools we need to get through all the eating and drinking without gaining weight.

The program I have designed is a nutritional cleanse and “reset” combined with an intense exercise protocol. We met on Sunday, November 3rd and everyone received their Nutritional Cleanse Handbook, list of recommended supplements, workout calendar, and a comprehensive shopping list. We spent about an hour talking about how this is going to look like. We talked about what results are reasonable to expect (8 – 10 pounds and a dress/jeans size) and some strategies to help.

Off we then went to go to the grocery store and stock up on the good stuff. We started our workouts on Monday morning at 5:30A. Everyone was excited and ready to go! The energy in the room was awesome! As the first few days unfurled, our bodies started to detox. I woke up with a headache on Tuesday morning that hung on to me like glue for two days. It was my sugar detox headache…but, by Thursday I felt a huge surge of energy and the headache was gone!

Now that the nutritional detox part is over we are concentrating on portion control and hydration. I’d like to share some of the results with you so far: Rich: 11 pounds, Jessica: 7 pounds, Marilee: 11 pounds, Sue: 7 pounds, Sami: 7 pounds, Manjit: 5 pounds. Everyone else is hovering around the 3 – 7 pound mark already.

I appreciate their hard work and I am thoroughly enjoying this journey because of them. We are all in this together and we lean on each other when we need to. So, when Thanksgiving arrives, the only rolls we’ll have will be on the table!!!

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21 Day Fat Meltdown

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So, today 22 of my members and I embarked on a journey to cleanse our bodies and reset our nutritional path.  We will train together for 6 days a week for the next three weeks.  A result of this short, but intense path will be a loss of 8 – 10 pounds, a couple dress sizes, one jeans size, leaner bodies, stronger bodies and much stronger minds and souls.  

We will take away the refined foods that have snuck back into our meals over time; no pop, no sugar, no chips and dip, no ice cream.  We will pay attention to what we eat and drink.  We will be mindful of what we CHOOSE to ingest.  That’s right, what we eat is a choice.  We aren’t forced to eat two big Macs and large fries.   We aren’t forced to down 4 beers and half a pizza.  No one forces us to eat an ice cream sundae the size of a small rowboat.  For the next 21 days we are going to choose to eat those items which support our health and our bodies.  Lean protein, tons of beautiful veggies and we will pick our carbs very carefully.  (Quinoa, buckwheat, couscous).

This is our time.  So often we are off and running when the day starts and we hardly think of ourselves.  We are task-driven:  work, meetings, kid’s sports, church, social gatherings…we go from thing to thing and at the end of the day we fall into an exhausted sleep.  We don’t think about how we treated our bodies.  We just want to push through all the events of the day.

The 21 Day Fat Meltdown demands that we concentrate and focus on OURSELVES.  How’s that for a concept?  To succeed, we must re-evaluate what we are eating; how much we are eating; and when we are eating.  My plan addresses each issue and gives us a game plan.

We are adding physical training to the nutritional part.  This ensures that our results will be off the hook!

So, stay tuned as I will walk through this journey with you as well.  I will share insights, missteps, successes and frustrations with you.  The next 21 days will be quite a learning experience.  Let’s get started! 

This morning we met at the gym at 5:30A for an hour long workout.  Everyone was on time and had looks of happy anticipation on their faces.  We started out with a warm up of running around the stadium stairs and then we went back into the gym.  We started out with Y squats, slastix band squat presses, walking lunges, Lollipop kids, quite a bit of core…halfway through we ran another 10 minutes around the stadium stairs and came back and finished up in the gym.

We were all sweaty and happy at the end of the workout.  Some of us may be pretty sore by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, but it is that sense of accomplishment that dulls any physical soreness that we may experience.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures!

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I Can EAT! :)

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I Can EAT!  :)

Yes, I am a personal trainer. Yes, I own my own fitness business. And, yes, I do look the part. But, it doesn’t come easy. I train hard. Harder than most. I try to “wrangle” in my eating. I eat clean most of the time. But, I’m human…I have cravings just like everyone else. Cravings for a big juicy cheeseburger. Cravings for a hot fudge sundae. Oh, and how about hot, crispy french fries? Come on!! When I indulge in those cravings, I gain weight. Yep.
You see just because I’m a trainer doesn’t mean I have some kind of genetic gift for burning calories more efficiently than anyone else. I have to stay on top of my food intake. All. The. Time.
I get tired of it sometimes. Just like you do. But, one thing I can offer you is to learn from all the dumb stuff I have done and to work with the process. I tell my members that boot camp is a mix of science and art. What I mean is that I know what the biology and the physiology of our bodies is and how it works. I have a pretty good understanding of metabolism and how to fire it up like a rocket ship. But, if our workout was all scientific…..you would be sooooooooo bored by it. Here’s where the art comes in. Any good trainer worth his or her spandex will tell you that exercise design is the bread and butter (pun intended) of their fitness business. Any kid fresh out of college with an exercise physiology degree can design a workout. However, it takes creativity, experience, and originality to make a workout memorable and worth coming back for day after day. That is something I love to do; actually I love that the best! I love to come up with a challenging workout that is true to the science part and a fun workout that is true to the art part.
Back to eating…..
There’s no mystery to it. There’s no magic pill. There’s no genetic gift here….it’s being consistent and persistent and believing in the process; which I do.
So, even though I love to eat I make a conscious effort each and every day to make good food decisions. Luckily for me I like to eat pretty much everything. So, I’m happy eating a kale salad and some fresh fruit. Yes, that was a learned behavior, too. I grew up on McDonald’s and Burger King. I didn’t know the difference between a kale and a tofu 10 years ago. Knowledge is power and information is what you need especially when it comes to what you are putting in your mouth and body. We do more research on buying a car than what we eat. We have to change that perspective.
So, how about you…do you like to eat? Wouldn’t like to eat to power your body? Come join us and look at eating in a whole new light! Cheers!

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Can You Be Happy and Fat?

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When I was in college I had a friend who was about 70 pounds overweight.  While,  I was always on some kind of fat diet to lose 5 or 10 pounds, she never really watched her weight.  One time I asked her why.  She replied, “Because I’m happy just the way I am.”  I accepted her answer with a thoughtful nod.  As the years passed I would sometimes think about her statement.  Was she really happy?  Or was it just her way of changing the subject.  I have come to the conclusion that, yes, I believe she was really happy.  She was and is a joyful person.  She has a ton of friends.  She is a success in her profession; continuing to rise in her organization.  She wears very cool clothes.  She is strong in her faith and enjoys going to church.  Yes, she is happy.  But, she’s not comfortable.  Clothes are hard to find even though she is stylin’ most of the time.  Clothes sometimes don’t fit.  She can’t stand for very long.  She has a hard time sitting in seats at concerts, sporting events, and airplanes.  She has a difficult time walking up stairs.  Usually, she avoids them.  She has sleep apnea and is diabetic.  She has not been in a bathing suit for over 30 years.  She hates having her picture taken.  So….

It is very possible to be happy on the inside with one’s life, but her physical body is very uncomfortable.  It is holding her back from doing some of those adventurous and spontaneous gifts that life presents from time to time.  Like climbing up a hill to watch the sunrise or taking a long walk in a forest preserve.  Or even trying on jeans off the rack.  

She has now begun on her journey to shed the extra weight so she can enjoy the full life she has created for herself.  One of the things she mentioned to me is a goal of hers is to be able to buy clothes in a “regular” store.  She wants to run at least one mile at some point.  And, her biggest motivation is to live a longer life.  As she told me recently, “Look around.  You don’t see a lot of old obese people.  I want to be old.”

Is your body holding you back from enjoying all of life’s gifts?  Let me help.  I will get you the results you deserve!


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