What the Heck is an “Instant Pot”?

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What the Heck is an “Instant Pot”? 

“Instant Pot” is actually a brand name for a programmable pressure cooker.  Kind of like how “Kleenex” is a brand name for tissues.  Many different manufacturers produce this handy appliance, but Instant Pot is the biggest company that produces these cookers, so that’s what I will call it throughout my email.



The Instant Pot’s claim to fame is that it replaces 6 or 7 kitchen gadgets and electronics. One article I read even claimed to bake cakes and brownies in the Instant Pot.

I already have a crockpot that is my workhorse in the kitchen.  I thought, “How can this instant pot-thing be better than my Iron Horse?

Pressure cookers aren’t anything new.  I don’t have one because of all the horror stories I have heard about them.  But, it seems like everyone is talking about the Instant Pot and I wanted to “be in the know”.  I began to read and research the Instant Pot.  I found out that these appliances come with 21st century technology and safety features that remove all fear of overcooked foods or kitchen explosions.

This pot is no one hit wonder. Depending on the brand and model you purchase, they can perform up to 9 different functions in the kitchen (depending on the type you purchase).

Instant Pot Functions include:

The pot will list 6-In-1 or 7-In-1, even 9-In-1 features mean that the pot has either 6 features in 1 (the pot is considered the “1”)

Here are some of the functions:

  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Slow cooker
  3. Rice cooker
  4. Sauté
  5. Steamer
  6. Warmer
  7. Yogurt maker
  8. Egg cooker
  9. Sterilizer…all in ONE!

The initial appeal to me was the ease of preparation the Instant Pot dangled at me.  You mean, I can put all the ingredients in the pot at once and it will come out perfectly cooked?   Oh, yes!

Plus, I don’t like a lot of stuff sitting out on my countertops, and the Instant Pot’s allure of replacing other kitchen gadgets called me like a siren song!

Here are the most common Instant Pots:

You can search the internet for a million recipes.   Have fun with it!

  • Instant Pot 7-in-1, 8QT
    Has 7 functions, holds up to 8 quarts, great for serving 8-12 servings.  This is the one I would recommend for families and larger groups.

You can find a myriad of Instant Pots on line.  You can find them in the big box stores like Target and Walmart at the going rate. But if you are a Kohl’s shopper you can wait for one of their 20-30% off coupons and pick one up for under $100! Same goes for Bed Bath and Beyond as they frequently mail 20% coupons. Amazon has been known to run specials too, so just shop around.  They usually cost about $140 – $199.  Shop around.

So, if you are looking for a kitchen appliance that can almost read your mind, this could be your new love!  It is easy; healthy; and fast.


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Enjoy and eat clean!







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