Will Losing Weight Make You Happy? (You might be surprised at the answer)

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It’s getting near the end of the year which means a busy time of year is about to start for the fitness industry.  Soon, the gyms will be filled with people trying to work on their New Year’s Resolution once again.  Did you know that within 3 weeks of January 1st, most people have given up on their resolutions?  Yep.

You know the feeling…..


People have a ton of different reasons for losing weight;  they want to improve their health, have more energy, fit into their clothes, look good and there’s the “I would be so much happier if I lost these twenty pounds.”

As a trainer, I’ve heard it a ton of times.  I always just accepted it until I really started to think about what happiness is.

Do you think by merely losing weight you will be happier?

After all, we feel so bloated and sluggish.  Uncomfortable in clothes.  Uncomfortable getting dressed up because everything is so tight.  Uncomfortable walking up stairs.  Uncomfortable trying to play with the kids or ride a bike.  Everything jiggles.  It’s awful.

We think by losing that extra blubber, we will be happy.

We imagine that once we get to our goal weight, it will look like this:


All of our problems will go away.  There will be world peace and rainbows and unicorns everywhere.

Not so.

It is my belief that there are a couple things possibly going on with weight gain;  Simply eating more than you exercise (this happened to me when I gained 35 pounds).  I just stopped working out and ate like crazy.  There is sometimes an emotional component to weight gain.  Grief, stress, depression, abuse.  That won’t go away by merely losing some body fat.  So, we have to work on those underlying issues.  It could be as simple as moving more and eating less and learning some strategies.

It might mean that we have to address those deeper issues that merely manifest themselves in weight gain.  Talking to a mental health professional will help.

To me, it’s about being our best self.  That feeling of being uncomfortable will be replaced with feeling comfortable and all of a sudden, food isn’t the answer anymore.  Food becomes what it’s supposed to be:  enjoyed in moderation; beautiful; delicious; enticing.


So, to be truly happy, we have to learn how to be ourselves; but the best version of ourselves.

If you need some help or direction, let me know.

I’m here to make a difference!

Your coach,




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