Today Is Your Day!

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Today is your day!  Why not?  Why can’t today be a great day?  That’s right; it can be a great day. It can be the BEST day!  It’s all on your approach and perspective.  Instead of thinking that this week is dragging and “Oh Lord, it’s only Wednesday…”    Try this:  “I already got my workout in and I feel great.  What can I do for someone else and what gifts are out there for me today?”  You will be surprised how awesome the day will turn out when you anticipate your day with happiness and optimism.

Feel good about what you are doing for your body!  That alone should help you walk on clouds today.  You are giving yourself a wonderful gift.  Health.  Fitness.  Movement.  Stress relief.  Fun.

One of the warriors asked me about artificial sugar products.  Would this be a good option instead of sugar?

My answer is that the artificial sugar sweeteners are just chemicals put together that taste-tested like sugar.  The long-term effects of the pink and the blue stuff are not good for your body.   So, instead of the refined white sugar; if you need to sweeten your coffee or oatmeal or anything, look for natural sweeteners:  stevia, maple syrup, agave, etc.

This is a good reminder.

Well, if you know me, you know that I love to cook and I definitely love to eat.  I hope you are learning that you can eat clean and healthy and eat a fairly large amount of food.  The calorie-dense foods are usually stuff made with sugar, grease, goo, etc.  Healthy whole foods are less calorie-dense but full of vitamins and nutrients.  The stuff our bodies need to function at a high level and the stuff our bodies crave.  Keep feeding your body the good stuff.

Make today the best day ever!   Look for the Leprechauns and magic in almost everything.  It’s there….can you see it now?

I am amazed at your strength!



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