That Little Voice in Your Head…

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Hey!  I hope you are doing great today!

When I was a teenager and then into my early twenties; playing basketball in high school and college, I was driven.  I had goals for each practice session and goals for each game.  I trained like a crazy person in the summers between college; I ran with a weighted vest on in the middle of the summer…I shot baskets for hours…I did jump training with ankle weights on and sometimes a barbell sitting on my shoulders….I pushed myself hard.

It served me well and paid my way through college.  In order to motivate myself and push myself I would tell myself that I wasn’t as good as the other players and that I didn’t have natural talent, blah blah blah.

My self-talk was negative….and I carried that habit into my twenties and early thirties.   As I matured and grew as a person, I began to realize that the way I talked to myself was actually hurtful; not helpful.  The way I talked to myself would actually cause me to feel depressed and down.  I started to change it and in one day I noticed a difference.  Now, make no mistake about it, I’m not perfect in this area, but the improvement has helped me a ton!

I bounce back quicker than I used to.  I move past mistakes better.  It has helped me with my nutrition and fitness for sure!  I respond much better to positive reinforcement than I do to negative.  Even if what I am hearing is inside my own mind.  Positive mindset means a positive life.

Do you listen to how you talk to yourself?  I hope that little voice is supportive and loving.  It will make all the difference in the world!

I hope this helps you flip the script on your inner voice.  Talk to yourself with compassion, love, patience and support.  Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend or your child.  You would be encouraging and positive.  Do the same for yourself.

So, instead of thinking that these last couple weeks of December is going to stress you out; tell yourself every day you workout and eat clean is a day of good health deposited in your “bank”.  Tell yourself that you are building a healthy strong body with each workout.  Tell yourself that your meals will propel your body into the fitness stratosphere!

Forgive yourself for mistakes and tell yourself that mistakes are opportunities to learn new ways to handle things and make you a better person.

You got this!

Yes, you are!

Your fan!



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