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Will Losing Weight Make You Happy? (You might be surprised at the answer)

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It’s getting near the end of the year which means a busy time of year is about to start for the fitness industry.  Soon, the gyms will be filled with people trying to work on their New Year’s Resolution once again.  Did you know that within 3 weeks of January 1st, most people have given up on their resolutions?  Yep.

You know the feeling…..


People have a ton of different reasons for losing weight;  they want to improve their health, have more energy, fit into their clothes, look good and there’s the “I would be so much happier if I lost these twenty pounds.”

As a trainer, I’ve heard it a ton of times.  I always just accepted it until I really started to think about what happiness is.

Do you think by merely losing weight you will be happier?

After all, we feel so bloated and sluggish.  Uncomfortable in clothes.  Uncomfortable getting dressed up because everything is so tight.  Uncomfortable walking up stairs.  Uncomfortable trying to play with the kids or ride a bike.  Everything jiggles.  It’s awful.

We think by losing that extra blubber, we will be happy.

We imagine that once we get to our goal weight, it will look like this:


All of our problems will go away.  There will be world peace and rainbows and unicorns everywhere.

Not so.

It is my belief that there are a couple things possibly going on with weight gain;  Simply eating more than you exercise (this happened to me when I gained 35 pounds).  I just stopped working out and ate like crazy.  There is sometimes an emotional component to weight gain.  Grief, stress, depression, abuse.  That won’t go away by merely losing some body fat.  So, we have to work on those underlying issues.  It could be as simple as moving more and eating less and learning some strategies.

It might mean that we have to address those deeper issues that merely manifest themselves in weight gain.  Talking to a mental health professional will help.

To me, it’s about being our best self.  That feeling of being uncomfortable will be replaced with feeling comfortable and all of a sudden, food isn’t the answer anymore.  Food becomes what it’s supposed to be:  enjoyed in moderation; beautiful; delicious; enticing.


So, to be truly happy, we have to learn how to be ourselves; but the best version of ourselves.

If you need some help or direction, let me know.

I’m here to make a difference!

Your coach,


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Today Is Your Day!

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Today is your day!  Why not?  Why can’t today be a great day?  That’s right; it can be a great day. It can be the BEST day!  It’s all on your approach and perspective.  Instead of thinking that this week is dragging and “Oh Lord, it’s only Wednesday…”    Try this:  “I already got my workout in and I feel great.  What can I do for someone else and what gifts are out there for me today?”  You will be surprised how awesome the day will turn out when you anticipate your day with happiness and optimism.

Feel good about what you are doing for your body!  That alone should help you walk on clouds today.  You are giving yourself a wonderful gift.  Health.  Fitness.  Movement.  Stress relief.  Fun.

One of the warriors asked me about artificial sugar products.  Would this be a good option instead of sugar?

My answer is that the artificial sugar sweeteners are just chemicals put together that taste-tested like sugar.  The long-term effects of the pink and the blue stuff are not good for your body.   So, instead of the refined white sugar; if you need to sweeten your coffee or oatmeal or anything, look for natural sweeteners:  stevia, maple syrup, agave, etc.

This is a good reminder.

Well, if you know me, you know that I love to cook and I definitely love to eat.  I hope you are learning that you can eat clean and healthy and eat a fairly large amount of food.  The calorie-dense foods are usually stuff made with sugar, grease, goo, etc.  Healthy whole foods are less calorie-dense but full of vitamins and nutrients.  The stuff our bodies need to function at a high level and the stuff our bodies crave.  Keep feeding your body the good stuff.

Make today the best day ever!   Look for the Leprechauns and magic in almost everything.  It’s there….can you see it now?

I am amazed at your strength!


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That Little Voice in Your Head…

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Hey!  I hope you are doing great today!

When I was a teenager and then into my early twenties; playing basketball in high school and college, I was driven.  I had goals for each practice session and goals for each game.  I trained like a crazy person in the summers between college; I ran with a weighted vest on in the middle of the summer…I shot baskets for hours…I did jump training with ankle weights on and sometimes a barbell sitting on my shoulders….I pushed myself hard.

It served me well and paid my way through college.  In order to motivate myself and push myself I would tell myself that I wasn’t as good as the other players and that I didn’t have natural talent, blah blah blah.

My self-talk was negative….and I carried that habit into my twenties and early thirties.   As I matured and grew as a person, I began to realize that the way I talked to myself was actually hurtful; not helpful.  The way I talked to myself would actually cause me to feel depressed and down.  I started to change it and in one day I noticed a difference.  Now, make no mistake about it, I’m not perfect in this area, but the improvement has helped me a ton!

I bounce back quicker than I used to.  I move past mistakes better.  It has helped me with my nutrition and fitness for sure!  I respond much better to positive reinforcement than I do to negative.  Even if what I am hearing is inside my own mind.  Positive mindset means a positive life.

Do you listen to how you talk to yourself?  I hope that little voice is supportive and loving.  It will make all the difference in the world!

I hope this helps you flip the script on your inner voice.  Talk to yourself with compassion, love, patience and support.  Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend or your child.  You would be encouraging and positive.  Do the same for yourself.

So, instead of thinking that these last couple weeks of December is going to stress you out; tell yourself every day you workout and eat clean is a day of good health deposited in your “bank”.  Tell yourself that you are building a healthy strong body with each workout.  Tell yourself that your meals will propel your body into the fitness stratosphere!

Forgive yourself for mistakes and tell yourself that mistakes are opportunities to learn new ways to handle things and make you a better person.

You got this!

Yes, you are!

Your fan!


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Pizza Made Clean

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Hi Friends!

Pizza gets a really bad rap; people will automatically include pizza when discussing foods we have to avoid if we are trying to lose a little body fat.  Let me dispel that thought right now!!!   Yes, pizza can be a food that will derail our efforts; but if we substitute just a couple ingredients, we can have clean pizza.

Let’s look at a typical pizza.  How about Lou Malnati’s?  (My favorite).  It has a thick crust which is made up of flour, oil, cornmeal, sugar….Not clean.  Then tomato sauce (not bad), then a layer of pork sausage (not clean) and then a thick layer of gooey mozzarella cheese (not clean in that quantity, but we can work around that by just using a lot less).

One of my favorite new ways to make pizza at home is to use Trader Joe’s Cauliflower crust.  You can find it in the frozen food section at Trader Joe’s.  Here’s what it looks like and the nutritional information:



   Even if you eat the entire pizza; the crust is only 480 calories.  Not bad. Even if your toppings add up to 200 calories, you can eat the entire pizza for under 700 calories.  Try doing that with a Lou’s pizza and you will bust a gut!

You can add tomato sauce, mixed veggies, and go light on the shredded mozzarella on top and you have a clean pizza.

  This one is topped with pesto and roasted red and yellow peppers (You can buy them already roasted in a jar at Trader Joe’s.  No extra cheese on top of this one and you will not miss it.


This one is a barbequed chicken, yellow peppers, red onion and some low fat mozzarella on top.  The sauce is a low sugar barbeque sauce with rotisserie chicken shredded over the top and a little arugula (the green stuff) on top.  Arugula is a wonderful green that has a nice peppery flavor.  Give it a try!


This one is a spring vegetable pizza.  The base is a little low fat ricotta cheese smeared on the top of the crust, then any kind of veggie you like:  mushrooms, peas, asparagus, sliced thin and topped with a little goat cheese or you can use Feta cheese.  Sprinkle red pepper flakes and balsamic glaze on top after it’s cooked.  The flavors are just amazing!


So, there you have it:  three options for clean pizza.

This is the kind of magic gold dust you can learn during our time together.

Be creative!  The crust is merely a canvas for any and all flavors you’d like to add!

Have a great day!

Your forever fan,


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