Day 18 of Our 21 Day Fat Meltdown!

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On November 4th, 22 of my members and I started our 21 Day Fat Meltdown Program.  We are already in our 18th day.  The results have been nothing short of incredible!   The average expected weight loss was 7 – 10 pounds with 10 pounds being on the very optimistic end of things.  Well, we are only on day 18 and here are some of the reported losses:  Rich:  13 pounds, Marilee: 12 pounds, Sharon:  8 pounds, PJ: 12 pounds  Angelo:  11 pounds, Jessica:  8 pounds, Sami:  8 Pounds, Cara:  13 pounds, Sue:  7 pounds…

No, this program is not strictly about what the scale says, but rather it’s about losing bodyfat and gaining lean muscle. I like to say, “No fat can live where there’s muscle!”  Plus, lean muscle mass helps burn calories because muscles do the work.  Fat just goes along for the ride like some freeloading hitchhiker!  Great visual, isn’t it?  LOL!



Yes…they have focused on the changes and results have happened.  Sometimes going through the first few days when we were detoxing off of soda, sugar, refined white stuff, goo, fast food, chips, muck, etc. was very hard.  For me, there were a few evenings at the beginning when I paced and paced and had to self-talk my way through it.  My bugaboo is sugar.  I love chocolate, Skittles, sugar in my coffee, sugar in all forms!  So, I had cravings.  I drank my warm lemon water.  I paced.  I took a shower.  I went to bed early.  After three days I felt a lot better.  Now, 18 days in, I feel more mental clarity, better endurance, no blood sugar dips and spikes, and I am sleeping so much better.  The 21 days are not meant to be lived in a vacuum and then we go back to our old habits. Nope.  We must keep this momentum up. We are building good nutritional and exercise habits.  Eating clean and exercising.  

Stay tuned for our final couple of days….


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