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Day 18 of Our 21 Day Fat Meltdown!

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On November 4th, 22 of my members and I started our 21 Day Fat Meltdown Program.  We are already in our 18th day.  The results have been nothing short of incredible!   The average expected weight loss was 7 – 10 pounds with 10 pounds being on the very optimistic end of things.  Well, we are only on day 18 and here are some of the reported losses:  Rich:  13 pounds, Marilee: 12 pounds, Sharon:  8 pounds, PJ: 12 pounds  Angelo:  11 pounds, Jessica:  8 pounds, Sami:  8 Pounds, Cara:  13 pounds, Sue:  7 pounds…

No, this program is not strictly about what the scale says, but rather it’s about losing bodyfat and gaining lean muscle. I like to say, “No fat can live where there’s muscle!”  Plus, lean muscle mass helps burn calories because muscles do the work.  Fat just goes along for the ride like some freeloading hitchhiker!  Great visual, isn’t it?  LOL!



Yes…they have focused on the changes and results have happened.  Sometimes going through the first few days when we were detoxing off of soda, sugar, refined white stuff, goo, fast food, chips, muck, etc. was very hard.  For me, there were a few evenings at the beginning when I paced and paced and had to self-talk my way through it.  My bugaboo is sugar.  I love chocolate, Skittles, sugar in my coffee, sugar in all forms!  So, I had cravings.  I drank my warm lemon water.  I paced.  I took a shower.  I went to bed early.  After three days I felt a lot better.  Now, 18 days in, I feel more mental clarity, better endurance, no blood sugar dips and spikes, and I am sleeping so much better.  The 21 days are not meant to be lived in a vacuum and then we go back to our old habits. Nope.  We must keep this momentum up. We are building good nutritional and exercise habits.  Eating clean and exercising.  

Stay tuned for our final couple of days….

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Update On Our 21 Day Fat Meltdown Journey!

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Today marks the halfway point of this most wonderful journey! 10 days ago 22 of my peeps and I embarked on a journey together. I have done nutritional cleanses a couple times in the past with pretty good results. But, I was convinced I could get even better results. So, a couple months ago I started to tinker with the program and I came up with a winner! My plan was to start the 21 Day Fat Meltdown before the holiday season so we would already be lean and have learned to practice the tools we need to get through all the eating and drinking without gaining weight.

The program I have designed is a nutritional cleanse and “reset” combined with an intense exercise protocol. We met on Sunday, November 3rd and everyone received their Nutritional Cleanse Handbook, list of recommended supplements, workout calendar, and a comprehensive shopping list. We spent about an hour talking about how this is going to look like. We talked about what results are reasonable to expect (8 – 10 pounds and a dress/jeans size) and some strategies to help.

Off we then went to go to the grocery store and stock up on the good stuff. We started our workouts on Monday morning at 5:30A. Everyone was excited and ready to go! The energy in the room was awesome! As the first few days unfurled, our bodies started to detox. I woke up with a headache on Tuesday morning that hung on to me like glue for two days. It was my sugar detox headache…but, by Thursday I felt a huge surge of energy and the headache was gone!

Now that the nutritional detox part is over we are concentrating on portion control and hydration. I’d like to share some of the results with you so far: Rich: 11 pounds, Jessica: 7 pounds, Marilee: 11 pounds, Sue: 7 pounds, Sami: 7 pounds, Manjit: 5 pounds. Everyone else is hovering around the 3 – 7 pound mark already.

I appreciate their hard work and I am thoroughly enjoying this journey because of them. We are all in this together and we lean on each other when we need to. So, when Thanksgiving arrives, the only rolls we’ll have will be on the table!!!

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21 Day Fat Meltdown

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So, today 22 of my members and I embarked on a journey to cleanse our bodies and reset our nutritional path.  We will train together for 6 days a week for the next three weeks.  A result of this short, but intense path will be a loss of 8 – 10 pounds, a couple dress sizes, one jeans size, leaner bodies, stronger bodies and much stronger minds and souls.  

We will take away the refined foods that have snuck back into our meals over time; no pop, no sugar, no chips and dip, no ice cream.  We will pay attention to what we eat and drink.  We will be mindful of what we CHOOSE to ingest.  That’s right, what we eat is a choice.  We aren’t forced to eat two big Macs and large fries.   We aren’t forced to down 4 beers and half a pizza.  No one forces us to eat an ice cream sundae the size of a small rowboat.  For the next 21 days we are going to choose to eat those items which support our health and our bodies.  Lean protein, tons of beautiful veggies and we will pick our carbs very carefully.  (Quinoa, buckwheat, couscous).

This is our time.  So often we are off and running when the day starts and we hardly think of ourselves.  We are task-driven:  work, meetings, kid’s sports, church, social gatherings…we go from thing to thing and at the end of the day we fall into an exhausted sleep.  We don’t think about how we treated our bodies.  We just want to push through all the events of the day.

The 21 Day Fat Meltdown demands that we concentrate and focus on OURSELVES.  How’s that for a concept?  To succeed, we must re-evaluate what we are eating; how much we are eating; and when we are eating.  My plan addresses each issue and gives us a game plan.

We are adding physical training to the nutritional part.  This ensures that our results will be off the hook!

So, stay tuned as I will walk through this journey with you as well.  I will share insights, missteps, successes and frustrations with you.  The next 21 days will be quite a learning experience.  Let’s get started! 

This morning we met at the gym at 5:30A for an hour long workout.  Everyone was on time and had looks of happy anticipation on their faces.  We started out with a warm up of running around the stadium stairs and then we went back into the gym.  We started out with Y squats, slastix band squat presses, walking lunges, Lollipop kids, quite a bit of core…halfway through we ran another 10 minutes around the stadium stairs and came back and finished up in the gym.

We were all sweaty and happy at the end of the workout.  Some of us may be pretty sore by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, but it is that sense of accomplishment that dulls any physical soreness that we may experience.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures!

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