I Can EAT! :)

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I Can EAT!  :)

Yes, I am a personal trainer. Yes, I own my own fitness business. And, yes, I do look the part. But, it doesn’t come easy. I train hard. Harder than most. I try to “wrangle” in my eating. I eat clean most of the time. But, I’m human…I have cravings just like everyone else. Cravings for a big juicy cheeseburger. Cravings for a hot fudge sundae. Oh, and how about hot, crispy french fries? Come on!! When I indulge in those cravings, I gain weight. Yep.
You see just because I’m a trainer doesn’t mean I have some kind of genetic gift for burning calories more efficiently than anyone else. I have to stay on top of my food intake. All. The. Time.
I get tired of it sometimes. Just like you do. But, one thing I can offer you is to learn from all the dumb stuff I have done and to work with the process. I tell my members that boot camp is a mix of science and art. What I mean is that I know what the biology and the physiology of our bodies is and how it works. I have a pretty good understanding of metabolism and how to fire it up like a rocket ship. But, if our workout was all scientific…..you would be sooooooooo bored by it. Here’s where the art comes in. Any good trainer worth his or her spandex will tell you that exercise design is the bread and butter (pun intended) of their fitness business. Any kid fresh out of college with an exercise physiology degree can design a workout. However, it takes creativity, experience, and originality to make a workout memorable and worth coming back for day after day. That is something I love to do; actually I love that the best! I love to come up with a challenging workout that is true to the science part and a fun workout that is true to the art part.
Back to eating…..
There’s no mystery to it. There’s no magic pill. There’s no genetic gift here….it’s being consistent and persistent and believing in the process; which I do.
So, even though I love to eat I make a conscious effort each and every day to make good food decisions. Luckily for me I like to eat pretty much everything. So, I’m happy eating a kale salad and some fresh fruit. Yes, that was a learned behavior, too. I grew up on McDonald’s and Burger King. I didn’t know the difference between a kale and a tofu 10 years ago. Knowledge is power and information is what you need especially when it comes to what you are putting in your mouth and body. We do more research on buying a car than what we eat. We have to change that perspective.
So, how about you…do you like to eat? Wouldn’t like to eat to power your body? Come join us and look at eating in a whole new light! Cheers!


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