Can You Be Happy and Fat?

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When I was in college I had a friend who was about 70 pounds overweight.  While,  I was always on some kind of fat diet to lose 5 or 10 pounds, she never really watched her weight.  One time I asked her why.  She replied, “Because I’m happy just the way I am.”  I accepted her answer with a thoughtful nod.  As the years passed I would sometimes think about her statement.  Was she really happy?  Or was it just her way of changing the subject.  I have come to the conclusion that, yes, I believe she was really happy.  She was and is a joyful person.  She has a ton of friends.  She is a success in her profession; continuing to rise in her organization.  She wears very cool clothes.  She is strong in her faith and enjoys going to church.  Yes, she is happy.  But, she’s not comfortable.  Clothes are hard to find even though she is stylin’ most of the time.  Clothes sometimes don’t fit.  She can’t stand for very long.  She has a hard time sitting in seats at concerts, sporting events, and airplanes.  She has a difficult time walking up stairs.  Usually, she avoids them.  She has sleep apnea and is diabetic.  She has not been in a bathing suit for over 30 years.  She hates having her picture taken.  So….

It is very possible to be happy on the inside with one’s life, but her physical body is very uncomfortable.  It is holding her back from doing some of those adventurous and spontaneous gifts that life presents from time to time.  Like climbing up a hill to watch the sunrise or taking a long walk in a forest preserve.  Or even trying on jeans off the rack.  

She has now begun on her journey to shed the extra weight so she can enjoy the full life she has created for herself.  One of the things she mentioned to me is a goal of hers is to be able to buy clothes in a “regular” store.  She wants to run at least one mile at some point.  And, her biggest motivation is to live a longer life.  As she told me recently, “Look around.  You don’t see a lot of old obese people.  I want to be old.”

Is your body holding you back from enjoying all of life’s gifts?  Let me help.  I will get you the results you deserve!



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