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Reconnect With Your Body

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Exercise is a wonderful gift on so many levels:  weight loss, boost in confidence, increases strength, speeds up metabolism, and the list goes on and on.  One of the unexpected benefits is the chance to reconnect with your body.  When our bodies change via exercise we start to pay attention again….what I mean is we start to feel the muscles tighten under our skin; sometimes we feel a little sore; we begin to understand the link between nutrition, sleep, hydration, and fitness.  And, it can even boost your sex drive and libido. 

It has been said that movement is the celebration of life.  I get it.  There’s nothing like a great workout and the endorphin rush that accompanies it to make one feel bursting with energy and life.  Listen, I’m not saying it’s all rainbows and puppy dogs every time you workout.  Some days hormones come into play and you might not feel 100%.  But, come and workout anyway.  Because by the end of a short and fast 45 minutes, you will feel 100% better.  You will walk away sweaty and filled with a sense of self-accomplishment. 

Our bodies are truly miraculous and wonderful.  Don’t get caught up in what society deems we should all look like.  We can strive to get stronger, lose weight, tighten up our cores, feel better, and get healthier.  Enjoy the process and be amazed at your body and what it can do.  Reconnect with your body and what you eat will make so much more sense to you.  Fuel your body like athletes do; put quality fuel in your body and your body will respond like the efficient miracle that it is.  I would love for everyone reading this blog to feel how great that is.  Come join us and share that euphoria with us! 

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Where Will You Be In April?

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Where Will You Be In April?

You’ve seen this happen every year: The gyms are filled to the brim with people at the beginning of the New Year. By late February and early March, they are all gone once again. Don’t worry, they’ll be back next year…..
Why does this happen? Year after year after year. My theory is people start with the best of intentions to be sure. But, what they aren’t sure of is how to get results. They walk into the gym that first day and look at the equipment. They circle the rack of dumbbells…..they look at the clock…..they decide they will walk on the treadmill. And, they do. But, they don’t know how long they should go or at what speed/incline. Should they lift weights? Oh boy, there’s a whole additional issue. What kind of weights? Dumbbells? Barbells? Machines? Kettlebells? And how many reps? How many sets? How heavy?
Because most people aren’t sure what to do in the gym, they don’t get the best results. When they aren’t getting results they get frustrated. Then they quit. I get it.
That’s where I come in. I am a certified personal trainer. I stay on top of my business and stay updated on the latest and greatest in fitness/health. This is my lifelong passion.
I design our boot camp workouts to work like “metabolic barn burners”. And, most importantly, I get results. It’s what drives me.
So, there’s more to this story…..on that first unseasonably warm spring day we get; you know the one. It’s usually in April, but it can happen in March, too. That day when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. It’s the first day in months when we can actually be outside without our big winter jackets on. People come outside in t-shirts in order to feel the sun on their skin. That day my phone rings off the hook. People want to join boot camp in droves. What happens is they are out in a t-shirt for the first time in months and they notice their triceps muscle is jiggly. Their buns are like jello and their bellies are overlapping their belts. I welcome them all with open arms. And, I’ll get them results, too. However, I can’t help but think about my boot campers..they have been training all winter. And, when that first warm day comes, they take their coats off and rock their t-shirts!
So, where will you be in April?

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