New Session of Boot Camp

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Train Like A Trooper Boot Camp started back training outside after a long cold winter.  Our new session started on Monday, May 21st with over 60 boot campers!   Each new session brings with it a combination of dedicated hardcore “Troopers”; those who have been training with me for a while and the “New Recruits”; people new to our brand of fitness.  In the years I have been in business, one of the most gratifying events I get to witness is to watch my new recruits morph from scared and anxious peeps to “veterans” who grab each workout like it’s precious treasure! 

When this session started, it was similar.  I had a larger group of new recruits this session due to Hauk Fitness being featured on Groupon.  We finally hit the bigtime!  Boot Camp deal in Rolling Meadows!  Yes! 

So on that first day I saw shaky hands, wide eyes, and pale faces.  But, within the first ten minutes of the workout I saw a group of people start to smile and relax and work together.  I think they even enjoyed bonding by teasing me! (I love it!).   The most gratifying part of joining my peeps on their journey to health and fitness is to see the changes happen.  It’s like magic!  (except without the black curtains, rabbits, doves, and tophats).  I watch people begin to believe in themselves again.  I listen to them tell other boot campers how much weight they’ve lost.  I hear them discussing how much fun they are having.  These are the reasons I do what I do!  I love to push them just up to their perceived limit and then gently and positively nudge them over that imaginary border.  Once they have crossed the limit they have placed on themselves; the sky opens and the heavens sing!  They get their mojo back!  They get cute haircuts again, wear jeans without a stretchy waist band, and they talk about how much energy they have.

So, we are nearing week #2 of this session and already I have heard from new recruits that they are stronger and losing weight.  It validates everything we do at Hauk Fitness.  Health and fitness is a process….an active process……my boot campers have taken that first step already.  I am so proud of them and cannot wait to watch them progress during the next 2 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted!


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